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Retire Your Spokesperson: Hire an Animated Character Instead

What do Tony the Tiger, the Geico gecko and Cola-swigging polar bears have in common?

All are almost-real-as-life creatives that tell a brand story like no other device can.

“Animation is one of the most effective and versatile forms of communication when done right,” explains Jake Vardaman, writing for the FusionFarm blog. “Decades before the computer helped create photorealistic virtual worlds and believable human characters, more traditional animators were breathing life and movement into inanimate objects to propel company brands in unique and engaging ways. Even before animation was used in feature films, it was being used as a vehicle for advertising.”

And here’s why, according to Vardaman:

Cost Effective – Although it’s time-consuming to produce, animation can save money when used in place of difficult location shooting or expensive cast, crew and equipment.

Limitless – Let your creative team run wild with ideas. Unlike live action, animation is not bound by physical realities. (Just remember how many times Acme products maimed Wile E. Coyote, and he rebounded for another adventure with the Road Runner.)

Ageless – Unlike human actors, animated spokespeople never grow old or miss their lines.

Engaging – Vardaman says that animation makes B2B services, such as banks, insurance agencies and real estate companies, come across as friendlier and warmer.

Quick Visual Communication – You can apply animation sparingly in integrated marketing and still get results. Even boring stats become interesting with motion graphics. Plus, as this post reveals, you can even animate an everyday infographic.

Memorable – Quick: Who served as pitchman for Infiniti in 2009? Even the Royal Shakespeare Company icon Jonathan Pryce fades from memory. But we’ll always remember Smokey the Bear. Animation helps target audiences achieve higher recall by bringing life to objects and ideas, creating an emotional connection.

Does Your Speaking for You – Be honest: You’re too shy to appear on camera. Or, worse yet, your CEO thinks he’s as smooth as Bill Murray promoting Suntory’s Hibiki 17 whiskey in “Lost In Translation.” (He’s not.) Fortunately, motion graphics aren’t camera shy!

Boosts Sharing – As the final benefit, Vardaman asserts that unique and entertaining messaging promotes greater sharing of the relevant content that search engines value so much. The increased time spent watching engaging content also can increase search engine rankings and improve your site analytics.

For another look at creating lovable characters to pitch your brand, check out our case study about Zantac, the popular over-the-counter indigestion aid. (If Captain Zantac can make indigestion memorable, just think what animation can do for your brand!)


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